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We are Hiring! if you find yourself relieved in our society it would be a pleasure to see you here by our side!

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As a hair care producer, Owjen decided to have activity in social spaces, specifically on Instagram. So we encourage you to come and take a tour in our social pages. Here is a quick survey of what we do there:

  • Detailed Info On The Products (How to use, When to use etc)
  • Announcing Campaigns And Promotions
  • Such A Nice Place To Hear Your Voices
  • Making Good Friends JUST LIKE YOU!

Some Of Our Brands

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Old But Gold

Delivers you a huge amount of quality among the years of experience. One of the leading brands of Iranian Hair care products in the market.


We are very proud to have the Belga community by our side more than a decade. A well known brand with a well known quality.

Just What You Need

Actually when we talk about KSD I’m feeling comfortable to use the phrase “All You Need” said Owjen CEO (Mr.Sajjadi)

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Some kind words from our respected clients

“Great Job!”

Great Job on having a popular brand personality! You proved that no matter what happens,  you are by our side and by that you got all of our hearts. You may have my word that We are here for you forever. (text message on instagram directs)

Majid Ghasemi


I am a crazy wide rode researcher looking forward to the problems and accidents of using a product. I have been thrilled by the FAQ forum it is really one of the best FAQs that I’ve seen so far in Iranian brands and websites.

Fereshteh Jajroodi


I’m not that old but according to my mother (which was a first user) there were no excuses for the consumers after using the products because of the great quality they have, never! And Now after almost 1 year I came to this conclusion too!


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Owjen Eshtehard company was established in the late 1970. Since then, the company had announced 9 brands so far, which shows us how the Iranian People are to welcome Owjen Products.

Albura, Belga, Pilon, Katromer, Piccaro, Pigar, PoloBeauty, KSD & PIGO

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