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Owjen Eshtehard

Owjen Eshtehard© (Private Equity) was established in 1378 by Mr. Ali Sajjadi and Mr. Mahdi Hosseini. After several years of studies and research conducted by experts and senior managers of Owjen Company, it was decided to have a meeting with Carasa Laboratory in Spain. Owjen was about to produce his products under the license of Carasa Laboratories. Finally, two old friends and partners, Mr. Ali Sajjadi and Mr. Mahdi Hosseini, left for Carasa and in a successful collaboration, they produced Owjen Products under license of CARSA LABS.

Products Under License of Carasa

Currently, the Albura brand is produced and marketed under the license of Carasa Spain, and the rest of the brands such as Katromer, Belga, Pigo, Pilon, etc. are produced and being sold with the Carrasa formulation. All the products of Owjen company are also produced through a bilateral cooperation between Carasa in Spain and Owjen Eshthard.

Trusted by some of the biggest brands..

Why You Choose OWJEN?

The largest producer of hair color and oxidant in Iran

Production and sale of all kinds of hair care products with the most up-to-date equipment in the world under the license of Carasa Spain

Owjen Eshtehard company was established in the late 1970. Since then, the company had announced 9 brands so far, which shows us how the Iranian People are to welcome Owjen Products.

Albura, Belga, Pilon, Katromer, Piccaro, Pigar, PoloBeauty, KSD & PIGO

Which of the entered information do we collect and why?

The information that may be required to fill out the forms will vary depending on your local or national business conditions. For example, you may be allowed to display a physical address, a registered address or your company registration number.

We have collected all the information of sellers and major customers (*personal label) in Owjen to use them when sending the property and tax forms. Also, this information is only for the accurate recording of your business profile and will not have any other aspect, and in fact, it will save your time when completing the registration process and establishing cooperation.

Also, there will be no collection and storage of sensitive personal information, such as health information, and only identity information will be received by Owjen, so if you are asked for any suspicious items on this website, avoid it and be sure to Let us know.

Personal data is created only by user interaction with our site. This data is also generated from technical processes such as contact forms, comments, cookies, statistics and third party placements.

By default, Eugene does not collect any personal information about visitors and only collects the information shown on the profile page of users who have registered or filled out a form. However, whenever information is requested from you, we will get your confirmation so that this information can be provided to us with your consent.

How we protect your information

The website of Owjen company at the address is maintained in 7host hosting and uses end to end encrypted with the most powerful version of alpha-E coding and will work in a completely professional manner in protecting your information.

If you see any discrepancy with the mentioned security items, please contact us as soon as possible through any of the following communication methods.

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Telegram Support

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Address of the head office

No. 425 – East 204 St. – Shahrdari Blvd – Mehrshahr – Karaj – Alboraz – Iran