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We have discovered exact need of people in different societies for beauty and cosmetic products so we can claim the title of well aware of people needs in our products and become one of the best producers for them. Being by the side of people and hear their voce for what they call, will show you the path, in our opinion.

Liquid dyes – Back to liquid colors

Liquid hair color is back! Permanent liquid dyes that can lift and are easy to mix. Our Back to Liquid Colors products can be with or without ammonia and with or without PPD – and they can be applied at the hair wash station. Mixed with developer, these dyes come in a very light and easy-to-apply gel. A variety of natural colors, intense colors, color enhancers, and color correctors.

Eyebrow and eyelash dyes – Lash & Brow Professional Colors

Dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes can be key in perfecting the results of a hair dye treatment. Whether to create color coherence or to intensify one’s look and features, our dyes for eyebrows and eyelashes are made without ammonia and without PPD. They are packaged in small tubes to facilitate their use and improve storage life and come in colors ranging from classics like black, brown, and blond to more intense and daring ones.

Our organic hair Oxidants – Permanent saturation FREE OF…

FREE of harmful ingredients, one of the latest trends! Dyes low on ammonia, free of PPD, free of silicones, etc. We substitute these ingredients for other more natural, less aggressive, and more beneficial ones. Of course, these dyes do not lack in natural oils and extracts. Permanent dyes, lift dyes, and tone-on-tone hair color. A variety of natural colors, intense colors, color enhancers, and color correctors.

Hair coloring

The usual dyes, the classics, the permanent ones, the ones that cover 100% of everything, the most used worldwide for more than 30 years. Dyes with permanent pigments, conditioners, oils, and extracts. Natural colors, intense and vibrant colors… endless shimmer, color enhancers, correctors, and super lifters.

Hair Fantasy dyes – Vibrant Rainbow Colors

Reds, blues, violets, greens, oranges, pinks, yellows… Semi-permanent dyes, FREE OF ammonia, FREE OF PPD, non-oxidizing dyes, and dyes that do not place pigments inside the hair fiber (without developer). Featuring moisturizing ingredients and an acidic pH, these are the best option to change from a boring look to one that is full of color: sea blue, passion red, fuchsia, coral, or a complete rainbow – you decide!

Color Activating Masks – Hair Mask

To revamp or intensify the colors in dyed hair, or to make temporary look changes, our Color Mask hair masks combine conditioning care with semi-permanent color. Non-permanent color pigments work in 10 minutes and color intensity is gradual, depending on the number of applications.

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Trusted by some of the biggest brands…

Owjen Eshtehard company was established in the late 1970s. Since then the company had announced 9 brands so far, which shows us how the Iranian People are going to meet and welcomed by Owjen Products.

Albura, Belga, Pilon, Katromer, Piccaro, Pigar, PoloBeauty, KSD & PIGO

Beyond a normal Dye

Pioneers in the
manufacture of dyes

Dye manufacturers

Our factory is equipped with the most sophisticated and flexible machinery available in order to offer up all kinds of hair dyes. We have a very complete R&D and manufacturing process that includes everything from the development of customized formulations to the manufacture of the desired end product.

Dye distributors

Owjen Eshtehard distributes dyes formulated in its own laboratories that are ideal for companies in the professional sector and for consumption. Thanks to our vast experience, we offer products of exceptional quality that can be personalized: you can choose colors, natural extracts, and scents – among other things.

Sale of hair dyes

At Owjen Eshtehard, we care about end consumers, their shopping experience, and their satisfaction. We offer personal, customer-oriented service that features the best hair dyes: classic dyes, organic dyes, liquid dyes, and dyes for eyebrows and eyelashes, among others. Our cosmetics factory cares about providing a quality product that is environmentally sustainable.

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