Where did we begin ...

Owjen Eshtehard© (Private Equity) has been established in 1983 by Mr. Sajjadi. after a few years with the studies and research done by the experts of Owjen company, Mr. Sajjadi has decided to have a meeting with Carasa Labs in Sapin. He was about to produce his products under License of Carasa Labs. So he went his trip to Spain with the great and helpful company of Mr. Hoseini. And thats where our story just begins..

farvital-carasa laboratorios was founded in 1930 by Mr. Emiliano Carasa

Everthing made from scratch

Owjen Eshtehard© (Private Equity) has been established in 1983 by Mr. Sajjadi. He has started his own research on producing cosmetics, in the past decade. As the matter of fact he was a technical production manager at Yeti Laboratories. He also had a great history of producing cosmetics, under the License of some of the most famous brands such as OldSpice, Piere Cardin, Vershaw, Channel & … back in 1970s.

We are the pioneers of cosmetics industry

1st Formulation made for Oxidant in Iran!

Mr. Sajjadi was the first man in Iran who made a formulation for oxidant and about 10 years, people in the markets knew the only made Iranian  Oxidant as “Mr. Sajjadi’s Oxidant”

1st Formulation made for hair colors in Iran

After a huge amount of hair dye importing from abroad, Mr Sajjadi proudly was the 1st one in Iran to made a hair color formulation in the country. He made the dye after his invention and registered the brand as his name.

1st specific tank for hair color

The Dye container and manufacturing plates must be a specified form of matter. Mr Sajjadi was succeeded in making a perfect combination of all these items and the have been updated by the most recent technology of the world till the present time


Our laboratory measures 200 m2

Packaging Area

600 m2 for the cosmetics packaging area


1,900 m2 for the storage of raw materials and ingredients


Owjen Co® has developed many famous brands since 1983. We have  been successful to prove the quality of products to the costumers. Also we have many firm commitments to our brands which made them be relieved to trust us.

We have discovered more than 192 S.K.Us which we product for about 14 brands so we already have proved the production capacity at your desired area.
We have produced many products under different brands during the past 23 years and we proudly claim that we have a huge amount of market share among the other brands

We have a cosmetics manufacturing area that measures 600 m

12000 m2 for the storage of finished product

As a company with enough Experiences and Done research, Owjen has now become one of the most reliable sources for a business to start all from a scratch

We have gained credits by our presences in the market for a long time sot it would be a logical for the costumers to rely on us as they feel the confidence.

Trusted by some of the biggest brands

Trust The Way We Walk And The Path We Take

Proudly One Of the Best

This tracker includes the IMF’s COVID-19 financial assistance and debt service relief for member countries from March 2020 through March of 2022. We have archived the information and will no longer provide updates.

From Consulting to Planning

Business Coaching

A good market experience always leads to a good sale on your products. In Owjen we have been succeeded to lunch new brands and make them to have their own market share and hopefully all the brand owners have fulfilled their needs as you may ask them by yourself.