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Boosting Businesses

Boosting Businesses

One of the most difficult situations in a brand history could be the moment that you are popular enough and you have to just retain the clients by updating your product quality, style, accessibility area and etc. Here in OWJEN we claim that we have succeeded many times in doing this. Although it does not come easily but we have proved that we can Hold it strongly to retain the consumer at the highest level of satisfaction.

Katromer Sees 65% YoY Growth

People taste for picking a favorite color changes among the progress of technology, trends, cultures etc. But when it comes to black, everyone just stop, take a moment to observe the shape and then start to have some feeling for them. We in Owjen decided to lunch a new brand Named “KATROMER” With a whole new black design to pronounce its deep quality with a quite attractive color.

Revenue Growth 77%
Client Retention 92%
New Lead Generation 87%

Pigar Retains 100% Of Client Base

What do you need as a women for a hair dye product? Low Ammonia and Vitamin C for a dye seems imperfect! Also a new and stylish design is probable what that takes you on the road. We in Owjen have lunched PIGAR for those who care more about their hairs.

Client Retention 100%
Revenue Growth 65%
New Lead Generation 80%

Trusted by some of the biggest brands…

Owjen Eshtehard company was established in the late 1970s. Since then the company had announced 9 brands so far, which shows us how the Iranian People are going to meet and welcomed by Owjen Products.

Albura, Belga, Pilon, Katromer, Piccaro, Pigar, PoloBeauty, KSD & PIGO,Bio’l, etc.

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