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Hair product suppliers

We are present at every link of the hair product supply chain: that means that we manufacture, act as wholesalers and distributors, and undertake sales to the consumer. We have been creating cosmetic products for private labels for more than 20 years, always offering a high degree of customization in our formulation services. We adapt to your needs according to the type of business you have.

Hair product manufacturers

Our hair product factory is equipped with the most sophisticated and flexible machinery available in order to offer up all kinds of haircare products. Each hair type is different, and we can give any type of hair the care it needs. Much more than just a shampoo factory: we have a very complete R&D and manufacturing process that includes everything from the development of customized formulations to the manufacture of the desired end product.

We are present at all stages of the manufacturing and sale process, from the laboratory to the final sale of the haircare product. We have positioned ourselves as a leading manufacturer of hair products on the international scene.

Hair product distributors

CarasaLab distributes hair products formulated in its own laboratories that are ideal for companies in the professional sector and for consumption. Thanks to our vast experience, we offer products of exceptional quality that can be personalized: you can choose natural extracts and scents – among other things. We are a distributor of hair products and haircare treatments that is here to help.

Hair product wholesalers

As hair product wholesalers who have a vital position in the supply chain, we provide haircare products to our distributors both through our own brands and through private labels, doing so nationally and worldwide. Hair product wholesale that is tailored for each and every individual distributor.

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